Author: Casey Roberts

The J-Band Blog

The First Mover Advantage

A few months ago, we posted an article on the benefits of the Second Mover. It’s hard to argue that there are strong advantages to being a second mover. There is great opportunity in adopting something new at the point between its introduction and its industry-wide adoption- after it’s been...
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Pave the Way: StellarFlex FR® 

In this second installment of our Pave the Way series, we bring you the story of Associated Asphalt’s StellarFlex FR®.  I recently sat down with Ron Corun and John Mims from Associated to chat about their fuel-resistant binder. Over the course of our conversation, they told me the story of...
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When Being Cheap Costs More

It's 2002 and you've just graduated from college. You have a job lined up and you’re getting ready to move into your first apartment. You’re a little nervous but mostly excited to take this step. But before you can get started on your first job, you need to buy a...
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Pave the Way: The Magnificent Mile in Chicago

It’s 2011, and the city of Chicago has a serious problem. Construction season is in full swing, summer is drawing to a close, and one of the most famous roads in the city needs to be repaved. North Michigan Avenue, colloquially known as the “Magnificent Mile,” is the city’s premier...
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Harsh weather, heavy traffic, or cars going 220 miles an hour: RPE tackles it all

Every year since 1914, members of the transportation industry have traveled to West Lafayette, IN for Purdue Road School. This year’s event boasted 3,000+ attendees from a variety of transportation fields. The Wednesday luncheon featured a fireside chat between Purdue President Mitch Daniels and Ford CEO Jim Hackett. Over 160...
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