J-Band ROI Calculator

J-Band® has been protecting the centerline on DOT roads since 2002. Over the years, DOTs using J-Band have shared their savings and successes to calculate ROI and life extension learnings. This calculator was built using actual data of several midwestern states using J-Band. See one example here.

  • STEP 1 Inputs: Begin by entering the costs in your region in the gray box. If unknown, use auto-generated numbers.
  • STEP 2 Traditional: In the first calculator section, enter your life cycle treatment plan for a given road section. Include year applied and type of treatment. Notice the cost calculations along the right. We have pre-loaded a common treatment plan for your ease. Edit/modify as needed.
  • STEP 3 J-Band: Enter a J-Band approach to managing the same road section. We have pre-loaded a common J-Band treatment plan for your ease. Edit/ modify as needed.
  • STEP 4 Results: Compare both approaches below.
Use the auto-populated inputs or enter your costs and figures below to represent the costs and expectations of your network.


Cost / Mile
Cost with Traditional Treatment

Cost / Mile
Cost with J-Band

For every dollar invested
in J-Band, you would save:
Total Savings
with J-Band: