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A Materials Approach to Improving Asphalt Pavement Longitudinal Joint Performance

James Trepanier, Illinois Department of TransportationJohn Senger, Illinois Department of TransportationTodd Thomas, Asphalt Materials, Inc.Marvin Exline, Asphalt Materials, Inc. After performing for 12 years, the IDOT test pavements were evaluated and found to have longitudinal joints that exhibited significantly better performance than the control joint sections and were in...
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Safer Workers Mean Safer Roads for All

In honor of National Safety Council’s (NSC) National Safety Month 2020, J-Band is joining the effort to bring awareness to saving lives and preventing injuries from the workplace to anyplace. According to NCS: Every 7 seconds, someone is injured in a car crash Every 15 minutes, someone is killed Motor...
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Remembering Fred Fehsenfeld

Fred Sr, the founder of The Heritage Group, was a man who always strove for innovation. At his core was a desire to solve problems for people, with a relentless drive for improvement. J-Band was developed from that same spirit of innovation, to solve one of the greatest problems facing...
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The First Mover Advantage

A few months ago, we posted an article on the benefits of the Second Mover. It’s hard to argue that there are strong advantages to being a second mover. There is great opportunity in adopting something new at the point between its introduction and its industry-wide adoption- after it’s been...
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Pave the Way: StellarFlex FR® 

In this second installment of our Pave the Way series, we bring you the story of Associated Asphalt’s StellarFlex FR®.  I recently sat down with Ron Corun and John Mims from Associated to chat about their fuel-resistant binder. Over the course of our conversation, they told me the story of...
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When Being Cheap Costs More

It's 2002 and you've just graduated from college. You have a job lined up and you’re getting ready to move into your first apartment. You’re a little nervous but mostly excited to take this step. But before you can get started on your first job, you need to buy a...
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