A discovery designed to preserve.

Discovered and developed with state transportation agencies, J-Band represents a breakthrough in preserving pavement. A product of the industry experts at Asphalt Materials, Inc., J-Band is created in the leading-edge laboratories of Heritage Research Group. It represents decades of work that resulted in a proven, innovative solution.

A team with true vision.

Developing a product like J-Band required a team that excelled in every area: leadership, industry experience, respect and trustworthiness. By combining strengths in areas ranging from engineering to sales, J-Band was truly a product born from exceptional teamwork.


David Henderson

Director of Specialty Products

With 27 years of experience, Dave leads strategic development and growth of value-added pavement products, processes, and services – like J-Band – at AMI. Previously, Dave was vice president of business development and marketing at Ingevity, working closely with the teams in China and Brazil to advance product sales and distribution strategies. He started his career with Koch Materials (which later became part of SemGroup), where he was responsible for the sales of value-added products in the Western United States. While at SemMaterials, Dave was promoted to lead the business in the Southwestern portion of the United States, totaling $300 million in annual sales and leading a team of more than 20 professionals.

Andreas Horton

Research Engineer

Andy manages the production and quality control of J-Band. Previously he worked at Heritage Research Group as an asphalt research engineer where he performed asphalt testing, mix design, and quality control for various forms of asphalt. Andy has assisted in researching and implementing new products at Heritage Group and has published several technical papers. He holds a degree in civil engineering from Fachhochschule Aachen in Germany.

Jim Cunningham

Field Support Engineer

As a member of AMI’s new products division, Jim is responsible for work with the field to support new solutions that extend the life cycle costs of asphalt pavements. He has nearly 40 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, beginning in 1980 when he started as an asphalt laborer at Norwin Construction Co. / Russell Standard Corp. Over the course of his 27-year career there, he was promoted to positions including foreman, job superintendent, superintendent, project manager, and estimator. Later, Jim was a field support engineer for spray paver platform at SemMaterials, Road Science LLC, and ArrMaz Road Science Division. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh.

Tim Zarhn

Specialty Products Area Manager

Since joining AMI in 2017, Tim leads and supports the use and growth of specialty products – like J-Band – and engineered emulsions in Illinois and Indiana. He has spent more than 30 years designing, inspecting, and overseeing the maintenance of hot mix asphalt pavements. Tim’s previous work experience includes 21 years with the Illinois Department of Transportation and 12 years as the Sangamon County Engineer in Springfield, IL. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds an master’s degree in business administration from University of Illinois Springfield.

Andrew Eicher

Research Engineer

As part of the Heritage Group since 2014, Andy manages J-Band quality control testing at the Indianapolis plant. Before graduating from Purdue’s Chemical Engineering program in 2016, Andy’s internship experience in asphalt research developed his knowledge and lab skills. In addition to working the lab, Andrew is experienced with the J-Band production process, facility, customer relations, and most importantly, plant safety.

Bob Khanna

Business Development Manager

Bob Khanna has over 30 years’ experience in the Midwest markets understanding DOT and municipal agency needs and providing innovative solutions to meet their expectations.

Over the years, Bob has taken various specialty asphalt systems from conception to construction.  Most recently, Bob has been instrumental in the commercialization of J-Band longitudinal joint sealant.

Bob’s career in the paving industry began working for a local asphalt contractor while putting himself through college. Bob learned early on the concept of value creation and has carried that concept with him throughout his career.

Bob’s drive to personally understand market issues and needs and deliver inventive and cost-effective solutions adds value for contractors as well as DOTs and municipal agencies.

Marvin Exline

Product Development Engineer

Marvin applies decades of experience to Heritage Research Group, where he creates solutions – like J-Band – for improving asphalt pavement joint performance. Marvin has deep experience in emulsion and polymer-modified asphalt formulation, testing equipment and protocols, laboratory management, product development, and new product commercialization. He has held a number of engineering and technical positions at companies including: Bituminous Materials, Elf Asphalt, Koch Materials, SemMaterials, and Road Science LLC. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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