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Drivers are more distracted than ever. So it’s more important than ever to invest in a proven source of safety: centerline rumble strips. But while rumble strips save lives, they may reduce the life and performance of the road. By applying J-Band with rumble strips, you can protect the joint, the pavement and the lives of workers and drivers alike.

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Centerline rumble strips can reduce left of center crashes by distracted drivers on two lane roads by more than 40 percent.

Water collects at the centerline – the most permeable part of the pavement and where rumble strips are installed to improve safety.

Apply J-Band at the time of construction to reduce permeability under the surface where centerline rumble strips will be installed.

J-Band works from the bottom-up. Migrating upward, filling voids around the rumble strip, reducing permeability.

J-Band results in less frequent maintenance which means less worker exposure to dangerous work zones.

Every dollar invested in J-Band can save at least two dollars in avoided and deferred maintenance costs.

Learn more about how J-Band impacts the safety of drivers, workers, and the life of the road.

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