Asphalt Materials & Evergreen Roadworks Work Together to Perform a Successful J-Band Project in Calumet, WI

Many road experts know that the first part of a pavement to fail is the longitudinal joint.  By using a void reducing asphalt membrane (VRAM) like J-Band®, you can extend the life of your road three fold. 

J-Band is applied in a band (typically 18’’ wide) at the intended location of the longitudinal joint prior to paving the upper layer. J-Band works from the bottom-up, filling air voids in the pavement to reduce permeability and therefore protect from elements such as water and air.  

We recently teamed up with our sister company, Evergreen Roadworks™ to successfully complete a J-Band project in Calumet County, Wisconsin. 

Project Details

  • Owner: Calumet County Highway Department  
  • Prime Paving Contractor: Northeast Asphalt  
  • Applicator: Evergreen Roadworks  
  • Location: County Trunk Highway (CTH) “A” 
  • Date Constructed: May 16, 2024 

VRAM Application

On May 16, VRAM was applied by Evergreen Roadworks, at the location of the centerline joint targeting a rate of 0.95 lb./ft. per 18’’ width. This project began north from the intersection of CTH “Q” and CTH “A” to Kiel Road in St. Anna, Wisconsin. Ambient air temperature in the morning was in the upper 40’s, and the J-Band was applied to a compacted HMA lower layer paved the previous week. The J-Band was cooled sufficiently to allow cross traffic without pickup within minutes of application.  

Personnel that were present on the job site were members from Calumet County Highway Department, Northeast Asphalt, Evergreen Roadworks and Specialty Products Area Technical Manager, Dan Swiertz from Asphalt Materials, Inc.  

Paving Observations

Paving began approximately one hour after J-Band application. The surface layer for this project was a fine graded WisDOT 4LT mix. No pickup or band damage was seen during the paving process. The Calumet County Highway Department plans to construct another project with J-Band later in the season.  

J-Band played a vital role on this project and protects the most important part of the roadway, the longitudinal joint.  For a closer look at projects that have incorporated a VRAM during construction and to discover the benefits of longer-lasting roads in terms of  cost savings, time efficiency, and safety, you can explore our interactive map here

Editor’s Notes: 

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