A Career in Road Construction: National Tradesmen Day

National Tradesmen Day is celebrated on the third Friday of September each year. A tradesman is someone who has acquired skills through an apprenticeship, vocational training, and/or education. Such people can be found in the construction industry, carpentry, maintenance, plumbing, electricity, and so much more. Skilled trades are the foundation of life as we all know it.  

The Construction Industry 

If you aren’t sure what you want to pursue, want a career change, or believe college is not the right fit for you, you might want to consider the construction industry. This industry offers many benefits including engaging in field work, continued learning, and career stability.  

Are you an individual who wants to make an impact? Construction offers the opportunity to build structures that impact the community. Whether that be building a roadway, a hospital, or housing, you get to impact individuals each day and build the future. Roadways built help everyone travel safely to work, and many other functions of our lives would not be possible without the construction industry.  

When working in construction, you constantly get a new change of scenery and get to experience your job on the field. While onsite, you may supervise a project, gauge construction progress, coordinate with employees, subcontractors, and residents. Field work is great for those who like to break up their day and spend time outside of an office. 

Construction is one of the largest grossing industries in the U.S., and it is a very stable industry. People will always need road work, housing, commercial buildings, and more. Construction jobs are essential and can provide on-demand services where needed. Since it is such a demanding industry, there are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. 

Construction Statistics 

  • As of January 2023, U.S. construction spending is valued at $1.823 trillion
  • Approximately 7.8 million people are employed by the construction industry, as of January 2023. 
  • The construction industry accounts for roughly 4.3% of U.S. GDP
  • The market size of the U.S. construction industry was valued at around $2.8 trillion as of 2022. 
  • The construction industry’s revenue has risen at an annualized rate of 2.7% from 2016 to 2021.

Heritage Construction + Materials 

Heritage Construction and Materials provides diverse careers in road construction and material supply throughout the Midwest. Here you can define your own path to success and build a career made to last. 

Whether you’ve worked on roads for a decade or you’re just beginning to pave your career path, our family of companies has opportunities for everyone – both in the office and out in the field. Ranging from engineering and project managements, environmental health and safety, high school and college internships, operations, research and development, sales, trucking, and logistics. You can view our open positions here

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