AMI Welcomes Candice Kohn

Candice Kohn has joined the Asphalt Materials team as Field Support Manager. Candice is based in Minneapolis and will support the specialty products team in the important markets of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  

Journey to AMI 

Candice grew up in Midland, Texas, and played college basketball at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. She graduated with a marketing degree and began working at SM Energy in Denver. She ultimately moved back to Midland and started working in oilfields, where she was able to build relationships in the field. She began selling plastics and eventually called on drilling rigs for eight years. In this role, she discovered her love for being ‘out in the field’ where she was able to grow a strong network and get to know many of her customers personally.  

Her most recent role was at Pacific GeoSource where she sold and implemented specialty product solutions in the pavement industry. She worked with engineering firms, as well as city and county DOTs, educating customers about environmental solutions. During her time there, she was introduced to and became familiar with J-Band® and AMI’s product offerings while attending trade shows. She was intrigued and excited to learn more about AMI’s specialty and performance products. 

Excitement About Joining the Asphalt Materials Team

With her market familiarity and background in environmental pavement solutions, Candice will be working with agencies, educating customers about environmentally sustainable products, and supporting projects as a member of AMI’s specialty products team. She looks forward to being in the field and continuing to build relationships with industry professionals and customers. Candice is most excited about Heritage Research Group’s work supporting AMI’s products, which will give her the ability to educate customers about AMI’s products from inception all the way through to application.

“AMI, HC+M and The Heritage Group are so innovative. I am so excited about the way the team works with products from the ground up,” she said. “It’s unique to be able to share products that we have created, tested and delivered to the marketplace. It is very important to talk about this process of innovation with customers.” 

We are excited to see Candice’s industry and market expertise in action. We are confident that her energy and experience will deliver results for our team, our customers, and our partners. Welcome Candice! 

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