How VRAM Enhanced the Durability of US-150 in Mansfield, IL 

Since 2002, Asphalt Materials (AMI) has been committed to increasing the lifespan of roads as well as safety through its J-Band® product. J-Band® is a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) that is applied on the eventual centerline joint, rising from the bottom up when a hot mix asphalt (HMA) is applied overtop. Our product works by filling voids that could potentially hold air and water, making the road more susceptible to deterioration, cracking, and potholes.  

Our specialty products team recently assisted with a VRAM project in Mansfield, IL, on US-150 in Piatt County. 

Note: VRAM is referred to as a longitudinal joint sealant (LJS) in Illinois. 

Project Details 

  • Owner: Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) 
  • Prime Paving Contractor: Open Road 
  • Applicator: Illiana 
  • Location: Piatt County, Mansfield, IL 
  • Date Constructed: November 6-7, 2023 

VRAM Application 

On November 6, 2023, an 18” VRAM band was applied on the eventual location of the road’s centerline joint for 6.8 miles, starting in Piatt County, and continuing west. A 600-foot section was omitted at the beginning for control section testing. 

The ambient temperature recorded at the start of the project was 54 F The target application rate for the project was 1.47lb/ft for the planned 1 ½” 9.5mm Type C, N50 Surface Course.  

Representatives from Open Road, IDOT, Illiana, Asphalt Materials (AMI), and Emulsicoat Inc. were present on this job site along with a resident engineer. 

Paving Observations 

Paving began around 7:20 a.m. the following day. The ambient temperature started at 47 F. 

Equipment used for this application included a CAT AP1000F paver, a Weiler E1650A Remixing Transfer Vehicle, three CAT CB12 steel drum rollers, Hammtronic HD+110i steel drum roller and a rubber tire roller.  

Asphalt mix was laid over the VRAM with a ½ to ¾” migration. A five-pass roller pattern with a nine-pass pattern was practiced, and a shadow was evident.  

Open Road representatives determined a five-pass roller pattern with a nine-pass for the rubber tire. The rolling pattern consisted of two steel drum breakdown rollers working in tandem with the third breakdown roller working from high to low vibrating.  


Open Road successfully applied VRAM on US-150 in Piatt County. The use of a VRAM has the potential to help roads last five years longer and deliver a return of investment of three to five times the original cost.

For a closer look at projects that have incorporated a VRAM during construction and to discover the benefits of longer-lasting roads in terms of cost savings, time efficiency, and safety, you can explore our interactive map here. 

Editor’s Notes: 

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