National Aviation Week: Improving Airport Pavements Across the U.S.

Many might wonder how National Aviation Week relates to the work we do here at J-Band. The work we do expands far beyond just county roads and highways. We also have experience working with airports because just like with roads, protecting longitudinal joints is also important for airport pavements!


National Aviation Week commemorates the achievements that have taken humankind into the great blue yonder! Always occurring during the week of August 19, the date coincides with National Aviation Day, which celebrates Orville Wright of the Wright Brothers. The Aviation Week Network sponsors conferences, exhibitions, webinars and other events around the world to celebrate the history of aviation.

Below are a few interesting facts pertaining to aviation:

  • The wingspan of the 747 is 120 feet, which is longer than the original Wright Brothers flight.
  • Food tastes different under cabin pressure in an airplane.
  • There are over 6,000 passengers in the air over the U.S. at any given moment.
  • You can lose about two cups of water from your body for every hour you spend flying. If you’re traveling cross-country, keep yourself hydrated.

Our Airport Work:

This past June, we completed a 7,300-foot J-Band project at the Coles County Airport, located near Matoon, Illinois. The application was scheduled to be 18” wide and 1.51 lb./ft for the 2” surface mix, P401, PG64-22, N40. This was over a recently applied and tacked level binder mix.


J-Band, which is a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM), was measured at 280F after the distributor applied. In total, 7,124 ft and 10,330 lbs. were applied for a total yield of 1.45 lbs./ft. Images of the project can be found below. In total, 7,124 ft and 10,330 lbs. were applied for a total yield of 1.45 lbs./ft. Images of the project can be found below.


NOTE: In Illinois, you may also see VRAM referred to as a Longitudinal Joint Sealant (LJS).

Aviation history is full of exciting accomplishments, adventure, and daring heroism. In fact, numerous museums and landmarks across the country and around the world will walk you through aviation’s impressive timeline. From the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Ohio to March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California and the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., nearly every state in the country fills the imagination with original and replica planes of the pioneers of flight. Even the early frontier of space flight makes the agenda for aviation enthusiasts! Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center will not disappoint.

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