August: National Traffic Awareness Month

Did you know that August is National Traffic Awareness Month? J-Band is committed to educating drivers about the importance of safe driving amidst high volumes of traffic. Traffic is something that many of us deal with on a daily basis, yet may not think about beyond simply getting through it. This country-wide observance is a great reminder to think about how you can stay safe when traveling through traffic. While accidents can happen anywhere, driving in traffic is especially dangerous because of the sheer volume of vehicles on the road: The more cars there are, the more chance there is of collisions. It may seem simple, but it is important to think about how traffic contributes to accidents so you can avoid them.

In traffic, the best thing you can do for the safety of yourself and others is to be aware. It is very likely, when driving on a congested road, that there will be cars in front of you, behind you, and on both of your sides. You need to be conscious of all of the other drivers around you so you can navigate the traffic safely. This involves not only watching their moves, but also communicating your own moves via turn signals and other methods.

To stay safe in traffic, remember to:

  • Check your mirrors and blind spots
  • Use your turn signal
  • Avoid speeding
  • Leave adequate space between your vehicle and others

By being observant and courteous of the drivers around you, you can safely navigate traffic. Remember to practice safe driving behaviors during National Traffic Awareness Month and for the rest of the year!

Because August is National Traffic Awareness Month, here are 15 tips to help you stay safe and sound on the road:

  1. Schedule a preventative maintenance checkup with your mechanic.
  2. Use the NHTSA’s VIN search tool to check if your vehicle has been recalled or requires repairs.
  3. Perform a vehicle safety checklist before leaving for your destination.
  4. Check that every person in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt.
  5. Make sure that any children under the age of 13 are riding in the back seat.
  6. Review the NHTSA’s child passenger safety recommendations to verify that your car seat or booster seat is properly installed and appropriate for your child’s size.
  7. Never leave a pet or child unattended in your vehicle.
  8. Obey all speed limits, traffic signs, and state driving laws.
  9. Always be mindful of pedestrians, bicyclists, and “scooterists.”
  10. Stop for passersby waiting at marked and unmarked crosswalks.
  11. Never assume that a motorist or pedestrian can see you – they may be distracted, disabled, or impaired.
  12. Drive cautiously around schools and neighborhoods.
  13. Keep your eyes on the road and your cellphone locked away.
  14. Avoid texting, eating, drinking, or talking to passengers while driving.
  15. Never consume alcohol, prescription drugs that cause fatigue or confusion, or illegal drugs if you plan to drive.

Here is a video addressing the importance of safe driving:

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