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Some have said that J-Band feels like a 22-year old overnight success.

We believe it is a game-changing technology because it can help save three very important things: time, money and lives. See what you think by reviewing the resources we have available.


J-Band® has been protecting the centerline on DOT roads since 2002. Over the years, DOTs using J-Band have shared their savings and successes to calculate ROI and life extension learnings. This calculator was built using actual data of several midwestern states using J-Band.

Project Map.

SINCE 2002, J-Band has completed hundred of projects. Use the Projects Map to filter through the range of projects where J-Band has added to the life of the road. Explore projects by geography, year completed, road type, and more. See project information, and more detailed project stories.

Rumble Strips.

It’s important to invest in a proven source of safety: centerline rumble strips. But while rumble strips save lives, they may reduce the life and performance of the road. By applying J-Band with rumble strips, you can protect the joint, the pavement and the lives of workers and drivers alike.


There is no shortage of things to learn about J-Band and the positive impact it has on preserving pavement as a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM). View our wide range of resources for more information on this innovative solution to save time, money, and lives.

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