Metropolitan State University Inducts Candice Kohn & her Team Into the Athletics Hall of Fame

Candance Kohn joined our team in June as a Field Support Manager. She’s been a great addition to our team, bringing more than eight years of pavement industry experience. She has been working with agencies, educating customers about environmentally sustainable products, and supporting projects as a member of the Specialty Products Team.

While attending college at Metropolitan State University (MSU) in Denver, Candice participated on the women’s basketball team, and was coached by Tanya Haave from 2009-2012. The team made it to the Elite 8 championship her junior year of school and made it to the Sweet 16 her senior year. Candice played as a small forward, enabling her to score, defend, create open lanes, and rebound for her teammates.  

During the 2010-2011 season the team’s overall record was 30-3, with a conference record of 21-1, home record 14-0, away record 12-1, and neutral location record of 4-2. That year the team became Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Champions, NCAA Central Region Champions, and made it to the Elite 8. During the 2011-2012 season, the team’s overall record was 27-4. The team became RMAC Champions once again and made it to the NCAA Sweet 16 championship.

“Both of my parents played basketball at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, so I always knew I wanted to follow into their footsteps, said Candice.” She has played basketball ever since she was a baby, and she remembers her dad always lifting her up to drop the basketball into the hoop. Candice has always loved basketball, especially the team aspect of the sport. “As much as it is a team sport, you also must be tough mentally when things aren’t going your way,” she said. Candice always loved playing defense because it is more of a mindset than anything. When playing defense, you must have a reactive approach rather than a proactive one, meaning you must be strategic. “I am so grateful that I was a part of such a successful program and made lifelong friends with my teammates, said Candice.”

Let us all congratulate Candice and her college basketball team!

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