IDOT Madison County IL-157

“LJS makes the joint area bullet proof and eliminates future maintenance concerns.” – Engineer, Illinois Department of Transportation

After many years of working with IDOT and creating mutual trust, we are always excited to expand J-Band application and usage throughout Illinois. This particular project took place in May 2021 in Madison County, IL from Horseshoe Lake Road to Chain of Rocks Road.The project stretched across 5.1 miles between Collinsville and Edwardsville, IL.


The job was started early in the morning with the material on board the Pro Tack distributor at ~350°F. The ambient temperature was 53°F and the new level binder surface was 58°F. The cooling rate of the material was averaging 285°F in 1 minute, 175°F in 3 minutes, and 122°F after 5 minutes. Our team did a wonderful job of moving traffic control personnel along to allow for almost a completely continuous application for the first 2.75 miles.


Depending on the specifications in each state, there may be an upper limit on temperature. In addition, width and application rates are also specified. Measures should be taken in all cases to ensure compliance with specifications.


The width of the band was consistently measured to be 18”. Weight per foot checks showed 1.51 lb/ft and 1.46 lb/ft. Target rate was 1.47 lb/ft for the 1 ½” Surface Course, Type D, 9.5mm, N70 PG 64-22 HMA. This lift of material was scheduled to be paved on Friday, May 7th; two days after this VRAM installation using J-Band.


Photos from the project can be viewed below.

In every state except Illinois, the product is specified as VRAM or Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane. However, in Illinois the product is specified as LJS or Longitudinal Joint Sealant. The VRAM product from Asphalt Materials is called J-Band and was created in the labs of The Heritage Research Group.
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