IDOT IL-51 Shelby/Macon Counties

“Upon completion of the necessary road preparation and required material protocols, the product goes down smooth, thick, and quick, setting up within minutes allowing for immediate road accessibility for traffic and project continuation.” – Applicator, Illiana Construction

After many years of working with IDOT and creating mutual trust, we are always excited to expand J-Band application and usage throughout Illinois. This particular project took place in June 2021 across a 4.16-mile section of IL-51 in Shelby and Macon counties in Moweaqua, Illinois. It was a 4 lane road both north and southbound sections.

J-Band application began at 3:30pm on June 2. Temperatures recorded at that time were ambient 78°F; existing binder surface 102°F and material on board the distributor was 315°F. The application continued through June 3 with a start time of 7:30 a.m. Temperatures recorded at that time were ambient 63°F; existing binder surface 66°F and material on board distributor was 320°F. Band width on this project was targeted at 18” wide. A target rate of 1.80 lb/ft was “speced” for the 2” IL-9.5. Band width was found to be a consistent 18.5” band.

Depending on the specifications in each state, there may be an upper limit on temperature. In addition, width and application rates are also specified. Measures should be taken in all cases to ensure compliance with specifications.

Totals for the project were 12,426 gallons applied over 61,929 feet for an average of 1.72 lb/ft. Asphalt Materials, Inc. sampled the load, while the Illiana crew did a fantastic job applying material and maintaining traffic at crossings.

Photos from the project can be viewed below.
In every state except Illinois, the product is specified as VRAM or Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane. However, in Illinois the product is specified as LJS or Longitudinal Joint Sealant. The VRAM product from Asphalt Materials is called J-Band and was created in the labs of The Heritage Research Group.
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