IDOT Bruce/Findlay Road: Moultrie County, IL

Since 2002, J-Band has been defending the middle of the road across Illinois. This project took place along Bruce/Findlay Road in  Moultrie County, IL toward the end of April 2021.

The project took place 4.3 miles east of IL 32 to 1.5 miles west of IL 121. It stretched across a total of 8,680 feet. The application was scheduled to be 18” wide and 1,80 lb./ft for the 2” surface course, ILDOT PG64-22, 9.5mm C-mix N70. This was over a recently applied level binder mix. Ambient temperature was 58°F; existing pavement was 55°F and material on board was 300F. We were working with very windy conditions. The longitudinal joint sealant (LJS)/Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) was measured at 270°F after the distributor applied. LJS/VRAM width was measured at 18 to 19” with an average of 18.5 in.

Depending on the specifications in each state, there may be an upper limit on temperature. In addition, width and application rates are also specified. Measures should be taken in all cases to ensure compliance with specifications.


Shortly after the LJS/VRAM was applied, paving began in the eastbound lane paving to the west. The width was measured as 11 feet. The mix temperature was 300°F out of truck and 260°F under the screed. The paver moved at about 20 ft/min. We noted that the LJS/VRAM was migrating about 1” up into the mix. Shadowing was noticed, which essentially means that there was an area where the mix appears darker, which normally occurs directly over the LJS/VRAM. Breakdown rollers made 3 passes along with 5 passes with the intermediate roller.


Photos from the project can be viewed below.

In every state except Illinois, the product is specified as VRAM or Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane. However, in Illinois the product is specified as LJS or Longitudinal Joint Sealant. The VRAM product from Asphalt Materials is called J-Band and was created in the labs of The Heritage Research Group.
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