J-Band Annual Review: Currie Road in Novi, Michigan Two Years Later

Asphalt Materials Inc.’s (AMI) product, J-Band® is a void reducing asphalt membrane (VRAM) used to protect the road’s centerline joint. Applied before hot mix asphalt (HMA), J-Band migrates upwards once HMA is laid, filling air voids that could entrap air and water. These elements have the ability to significantly shorten the lifespan of the road and make it more susceptible to cracking and pot holing.  

Another important feature that protects not only the roads, but drivers are rumble strips. While rumble strips save lives, they may reduce the life and performance of the road. By applying J-Band with rumble strips, you can protect the joint, the pavement and the lives of workers and drivers alike.  

Project Details

  • Owner: Oakland County Road Commision                                 
  • Applicator: Road Fabrics, Inc. (RFI)                           
  • Location: Oakland County, Novi, MI  
  • Date Constructed: 8-20-2021  
  • Date Reviewed: 11-1-2023  
  • Weather Conditions Day of Review: Sunny and 37°F 

AMI Field Support Engineer Chad Crosby reviewed two projects on Currie Road in Oakland County, MI, two years after its initial application in August 2021. Both projects applied J-Band on the eventual centerline joint before milling rumble strips.  

Project Observations: Currie Road Phase I

The project showed no signs of cracking along the centerline joint rumble strip and non-rumble strip areas.  

Project Observations: Currie Road Phase II

No cracking was reported along the 8–9-mile road.  


After further review, it can be concluded that J-Band® successfully protected the Curry Road centerline joint even with the application of rumble strips.  

Editor’s Notes:  

J-Band®, CCAP® and T-Bond® are registered trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc. AMIBIND™, AMIBOND™, AMICYCLE™, AMIGUARD™ and AMISEAL™ are trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.  

J-Band® was created in the labs of the Heritage Research Group (HRG) and is a product of Asphalt Materials, Inc. (AMI).  

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