J-Band Continues to Protect Harvard Road in Berkley, Michigan, 5+ Years After Application

J-Band ®, an Asphalt Materials Inc. (AMI) product, has been proven to extend the lifespan of pavement by as much as five years. Developed by Heritage Research Group (HRG), J-Band is a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) that, when applied before a hot mix asphalt (HMA), rises with heat, filling voids and reducing permeability. The centerline joint is the catalyst for premature road cracking. With the help of J-Band, the likelihood of future damage and maintenance is decreased, returning 3-5x the project’s original cost. 

Project Details

  • Owner: City of Berkely, MI 
  • Prime Paving Contractor: AI’s Paving 
  • Applicator: Road Fabrics, Inc. (RFI) 
  • Location: Oakland County, Berkley, MI 
  • Date Constructed: November 7, 2017 
  • Date Reviewed: November 1, 2023 
  • Weather Conditions Day of Review: Sunny and 38  

AMI Field Support Engineer Chad Crosby visited Harvard Road on November 1, 2023, almost six years to the date of the original J-Band application to review the road’s conditions. This project spans from Woodward Avenue to Cass Boulevard.  

Paving Observations

Despite being a high traffic road, very little damage was reported on site. On the first block between Woodard and Stanford Road, minimal centerline cracking of 1/8” was observed on 20% of the road and a slight, hairline crack parallel to the seam was reported on 10% of the road. On the second block between Stanford and Cass Road, no cracking was observed. 


Upon completion of the review, it can be concluded that after six years of consistent, residential traffic, Harvard Road remains in excellent condition. 

For a closer look at projects that have incorporated a VRAM during construction and to discover the benefits of longer-lasting roads in terms of cost savings, time efficiency, and safety, you can explore our interactive map here

Editor’s Notes: 

J-Band®, CCAP® and T-Bond® are registered trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.  

AMIBIND™, AMIBOND™, AMICYCLE™, AMIGUARD™ and AMISEAL™ are trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.  

J-Band® was created in the labs of the Heritage Research Group (HRG) and is a product of Asphalt Materials, Inc. (AMI).    

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