Meet the J-Band Team: Jeff Tidaback

Name: Jeff Tidaback

Title: Field Support Manager

Location: Chicago, IL

How long have you worked with J-Band?

I joined Asphalt Materials Inc. Specialty Products team this February!

What makes the J-Band product so unique?

J-Band solves a problem agencies have had issues with for years, longitudinal joints. It works, it really works!

What goals do you have for J-Band?

To have agencies understand the benefit of using J-Band! I envision J-Band specified & used on highways in all three states I cover – Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

What’s one of the best lessons you’ve learned so far working with J-Band?

I’m privledged to work with so many amazingly talented, supportive, and caring people. Working at AMI is truly working with Family!

What are you exceptionally passionate about outside of work?

My family. I have a wonderful supportive wife that has endured plenty over my career and two beautiful daughters.

“AMI and J-Band – people you want to get to know and products that you will want to use!”

Jeff Tidaback, Specialty Products Area Manager
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