VRAM Helping Franklin County, Ohio Create More Sustainable Roads

About this project:

A VRAM project took place on August 25th in Franklin County, Ohio.

This Ohio Department of Transportation, (ODOT), project was on I-71, from SLM 25.61 north to SLM 27.74 and I-270 from SLM 24.55 east to SLM 26.50. VRAM was also applied to the centerline joint on I-71 at the Schrock Road overpass.

Pictured above: the application of the VRAM.

The applicator for this project was Specialized Construction Inc. (SCI).

The prime paving contractor was Shelly & Sands.

Paving Process:

The paving of the road began in the early hours of the morning following the application of VRAM as seen below.

Pictured above: the paving of the road began.

The paving train consisted of:

  • a Bomag CR662RM and a Terex Road Mix CR662RM anti-segregation device
  • a RoadTec RP195e paver spread out 24’ wide
  • a RoadTec RP175e paver and a Vogele Vision 5203-2i paver
  • a Bomag R403 steel drum roller
  • two HAMM HD120i steel drum rollers
  • a HAMM HD140i steel drum roller

The Bomag R403 roller and the HAMM HD140i were the breakdown rollers, working middle out, with 8 passes in vibratory and 1 pass static. The two HAMM HD120i rollers worked as finish rollers in vibratory mode.

Why VRAM is Becoming a MUST to Ensure Longer-Lasting, Safer Roads

The Wisconsin Highway Research Program/Department of Transportation conducted a study on Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) to identify the benefits of including this step in the paving process.

Based on published data and a review of case studies, implementing Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) during the construction process is recommended. Post-construction, it is recommended to use penetrating asphalt emulsions as a preventative and remedial treatment for longitudinal joints.1

To read more about this WisDOT study and others, visit the resources tab on our website and click STUDIES. https://thejointsolution.com/resource/

To learn more about Asphalt Materials, penetrating emulsions, visit this website to learn more about AMIGUARD™ https://asphalt-materials.com/?s=amiguard

Editor’s Notes:

VRAM, Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane, is referred to in Illinois as LJS, Longitudinal Joint Sealant.

Centerline joints and longitudinal joints are often used interchangeably in describing the area of the pavement where two sections come together.

Depending on the situation VRAM can be sprayed at different width’s. It should be noted that 18” is a typical application width for centerline applications.

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