Annual Review of ODOT’s J-Band® Project of Williams County US-6

Background Summary of Project Purpose:

Aside from ensuring that J-Band® is utilized in projects across the nation to provide longer-lasting safer roads, we often construct projects that have a test and control section to understand what impact J-Band can have on roads. Each year, these test and control projects undergo an annual review, and one of these sites we recently reviewed is our project in Williams County, Ohio on US-6.

(Note: in Illinois VRAM is referred to as LJS).

Using J-Band® at the Time of Construction

This project is owned by the Ohio Department of Transportation, (ODOT), and took place in Stryker, Ohio which is in Williams County. This project was originally constructed on October 13, 2019. The most recent review of this project took place on November 28th, 2022.

The mix utilized for this project was a 12.5mm Type A 446 1.5” mix. The prime paving contractor was Gerken and the applicator was Specialized Construction Inc. (SCI).

2022 Project Observations

Chad Crosby, Field Support Engineer, visited this project to review the test and control sections. He noted no cracking in the VRAM test section. The VRAM strip was placed 1 year prior to the paving of the control section and is currently out-performing the control section. Rumble strips were placed as well.

Visual Evidence

Pictured below are the test and control sections of the road. The first picture shows the section treated with VRAM and the second picture is the control section that does not have VRAM. As you can see in the control section picture (without VRAM) is 100% cracked with cracks between ¼” and 1/2” in size.

Pictured above: Test Section using VRAM originally constructed on October 13, 2019. Picture was taken on  November 28th, 2022.
Pictured here: Control section without VRAM treatment. The control section was originally constructed in October 2020.  Picture was taken on  November 28th, 2022.


As one can conclude from this data, the control section on the project without VRAM shows intense substantial cracking after just 3 years after being paved. Conversely, the test section for this project with VRAM/LJS has performed as expected. There are no blemishes, cracks, or separations occurring at the centerline joint.

VRAM is a Materials Approach to Solve Joint Issues

When VRAM is applied at the time of construction under the surface, it will reduce the permeability of water and air in this critical area of the road. As the placement of the hot mix asphalt begins to cover the VRAM band, heat from the HMA causes the VRAM to physically work its way upwards filling air voids which reduces permeability.

J-Band®, Asphalt Material’s VRAM product, has a performance track record, dating back to 2002. J-Band was created in the labs of The Heritage Research Group in collaboration with state and local agencies and industry experts. One of the primary reasons J-Band is used in economics. When roads last longer, infrastructure dollars go further. How much further?

Infrastructure Dollars Go Further

An Indiana DOT life cycle analysis (LCCA) showed that an investment of $12.5M in J-Band would result in $39M in savings (approximately 3:1 ROI).

Learn more about how longer-lasting roads save time, money, and lives by reading several studies about VRAM that we have posted on our website. You can access them by visiting the resources tab on our website or by clicking this link:

Editor’s Notes:

Centerline joints and longitudinal joints are often used interchangeably in describing the area of the pavement where two paved sections come together.

VRAM, Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane is referred to in Illinois as LJS, Longitudinal Joint Sealant.

Depending on the situation VRAM can be sprayed at different widths. It should be noted that 18” is a typical application width for centerline applications.

J-Band® is a VRAM product of Asphalt Materials, Inc. that was created in the labs of The Heritage Research Group.

J-Band®, CCAP® and T-Bond® are registered trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc. 

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