Beyond Asphalt: Optimizing SR-62 with VRAM Technology

Asphalt, often overlooked in our daily lives, is the unsung hero beneath our feet. It provides a smooth, reliable surface for our driveways, roads, parking lots, and more. Although asphalt is important, the deterioration of the road can lead to a multitude of issues such as potholing, rutting, cracking, and more. This occurs due to the longitudinal joint being the weakest part of the road and elements entering this area such as water and air.  

This becomes a never-ending battle against road deterioration. So, what if there was a solution to this issue? A void reducing asphalt membrane (VRAM) is a innovative technology created to provide road longevity, sustainability, and durability to reduce the presence of air voids.  

We will dive into a recent project conducted on SR-62 in Stark County, Ohio that used a VRAM to strengthen the joints within the pavement.  

Project Details

  • Owner: Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) 
  • Prime Paving Contractor: North Star Asphalt 
  • Applicator: SCI 
  • Location: Stark County, OH 
  • Date Constructed: October 5, 2023 

VRAM Observation

The VRAM application began at 9:25 a.m. from Market Avenue North to Maple Avenue Northeast, which is 0.9 miles of SR-62. The personnel present on this project were Mike and Dennis of SCI, Brad and Mike of North Star Asphalt, and Jim Cunningham and Chad Crosby of Asphalt Materials, Inc (AMI).  The recorded ambient temperature at the beginning of application was 66°F. The micro milled surface temperature was 73°F and the material on board was 345°F. The targeted bandwidth was 15” wide with a rate of 1.22 lb./ft. 

Paving Observations

Shortly following the VRAM application, the paving began at 10:20 a.m. with an ambient temperature of 68°F. The mix temperature behind the screed averaged 293°F with ½” migration noted before rolling.  


The application of J-Band®, an Asphalt Material’s VRAM product, was deemed successful on SR-62 in Stark County, Ohio. J-Band has played a vital role in reducing air voids across 25 states since 2002. J-Band is shaping the future of roads by providing a more durable and sustainable pavement surface.  

For a closer look at projects that have incorporated a VRAM during construction and to discover the benefits of longer-lasting roads in terms of cost savings, time efficiency, and safety, you can explore our interactive map here

Editor’s Notes

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