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The First Mover Advantage

A few months ago, we posted an article on the benefits of the Second Mover. It’s hard to argue that there are strong advantages to being a second mover. There is great opportunity in adopting something new at the point between its introduction and its industry-wide adoption- after it’s been...
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When Being Cheap Costs More

It's 2002 and you've just graduated from college. You have a job lined up and you’re getting ready to move into your first apartment. You’re a little nervous but mostly excited to take this step. But before you can get started on your first job, you need to buy a...
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Roads – and the Case for the Second Mover

We live and work in an industry that is highly risk-averse-and rightly so! As road-builders, we work in an industry that our communities rely on more than almost anything else.   Having sound, high-quality roads is one thing towns never brag about, but is one of the first things that...
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