Champaign Co, IL is Building Longer-Lasting, Safer Roads

About This Project:

On June 28, 2022, a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane, (VRAM), project took place. This project runs from West University Avenue to West White Street. The application for this project was scheduled to be 18” wide.

Pictured above: VRAM applied on the centerline joint.

Protecting the longitudinal joint is the most important part of the road to protect. Placing VRAM at time of construction under the area where the longitudinal joint will be, is a great utilization of infrastructure dollars because it has been shown that additional maintenance events and therefore cost are reduced.

The VRAM applicator for this project was Illiana and the prime paving contractor was Cross Construction. The application of VRAM, also known as Longitudinal Joint Sealant (LJS) in Illinois, began in the late afternoon of June 28th. The application band width for VRAM was targeted to be 18” wide and laid over a recently applied binder course.

Pictured above: Once the VRAM was applied, the paving of the road began.

Paving began shortly after the application of the VRAM. The paving equipment used for this project consisted of a CAT ASP1055F paver, a CAT CB 13 breakdown roller at 12 tons, a CAT CB 64B intermediate roller at 12-tons, and a Hamm HD 12 – 3-ton finish roller. The paving of the road began in the southbound lane paving southward from West University Avenue, at a width of 12 feet. The breakdown roller was making 5 vibratory passes, along with 5 passes with the pneumatic roller. There was no flushing, and a shadow was present, signaling the successful migration of VRAM upwards into the HMA.

VRAM: A Track Record of Success

VRAM is typically applied at the longitudinal joint with the purpose to reduce the permeability of the most critical area of the road. VRAM is applied at the time of construction under the surface. As it migrates upwards due to the heat of the hot asphalt that is paved over the VRAM, it fills voids and ultimately reduces permeability. As noted, when utilizing VRAM, maintenance occurrences and the costs incurred to maintain the road is reduced.

J-Band® is a VRAM product from Asphalt Materials, Inc. that was created in the labs of the Heritage Research Group. VRAM has been helping roads last longer since 2002 and has been used in 22 States and The District of Columbia.

J-Band is an investment for asphalt roads, and helps infrastructure dollars go further, since the roads can last up to five years longer than roads without VRAM. It delivers a return on investment of 3 to 5 times its initial cost. 

Editor’s Notes: VRAM, Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane, is referred to in Illinois as LJS, Longitudinal Joint Sealant.

J-Band® and CCAP®  are registered trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.  AMIBIND™, AMIBOND™, AMICYCLE™, AMIGUARD™,  AMISEAL™ are trademarks of Asphalt Materials, Inc.

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